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Put Some Spring in Your Step with GMR 

Lots going on as we transition to Daylight Savings Time. The following topics covered below:


  • New Tuesday Night Meetup Location

  • Call For Tuesday Night Run Leaders

  • Headlamps/Muddy Trails

  • Tuesday Night Run Pace Groups

  • Monday Morning Run Info

  • Upcoming Event Teaser

  • Hat Sale

  • Discounts


New Tuesday Night Meet-Up Location

Before you freak out, runs will still end at Mountain Toad Brewing. We are just shifting the start location a block away to Parfet Park to give ourselves a little more room to get into our pace groups before each run.


3/5/24 Start Location: Runners Roost Golden ( Topo Athletic Shoe Demo)

3/12/24 - 10/22/24 Start Location Parfet Park


Call for Tuesday Night Run Leaders

We need volunteers to be pace group leaders for the season. If you are interested please fill out this form. Once you are on the list you will receive one email (and maybe a second reminder email) per week asking you to pick a pace group to lead. You can lead as many or as few times as you want. We just like to have a good roster of folks so we can lock down leaders before we show up each week.


Headlamps/Muddy Trails

We are all excited for extra evening daylight, but our first month of runs WILL end in the dark. Be prepared and bring a headlamp!


If trails are muddy we will revert to running bike paths around Golden. Same meet-up location regardless. Rain, sleet, snow and whatever else Colorado spring can bring us, we run!


Tuesday Night Pace Groups

We intend to have A, B and C trail pace groups, plus a creek path group for all paces/family friendly group again this year.


You do not need to register for a group in advance. You can run in A group one week and chill in C group the next if you chose. The one caveat is we will need to be diligent about only having 14 people in each group to comply with Jefferson County Open Space Rules. Most weeks we will have two B and two C groups to accommodate the majority of runners. We have slowed the tempo of the A group to encourage more folks to join that group as well.


Keep in mind that all paces are what you would be able to run on flat ground. For example: if you join for the B group you will not be expected to run 9:30-10:30 pace uphill.


A Group Pace: Conversational Flat Ground 10K pace 8:30 - 9:30 min/mile. For those who can run uphill quickly and still have a social conversation


B Group Pace: Conversational FLAT GROUND 10K pace 9:30-10:30.  A group for those who love to be on the trails, probably prefer to power hike most uphills, but will still jog some of the lower angled climbs. 


C Group Pace: Conversational FLAT GROUND 10K pace 10:30-12:00. A group for those who love to be on the trails, hiking all, but the shallowest of uphills and running the downhills is what is preferred in this group.


All Paces Welcome/Family Friendly Group: ABSOLUTELY ALL PACES WELCOME.  Perfect for those who want to run with strollers.  Also great for those who don’t want to run a lot of vert. 


Monday Morning Runs

All are welcome to join our Monday Morning, no drop runs as well. All runs will start at 6:00 AM and will be between 4-7 miles. Starting Monday 3/11 the runs will be at rotating trailheads. Be sure to check the run calendar to see the location and the route. Monday 3/11 will start at the main North Table parking lot.


Upcoming Event Teaser

We will be hosting a backyard ultra on May 4, 2024 (Limited to 40 participants). The event will be a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We will be asking participants to raise a minimum of $100 with a goal of $200 as an entry requirement. We are finalizing logistics now, but expect another full blown email with details and registration links sometime next week.


We are also going to head back to Sun Valley Kitchen and Community Center to put on run clinics with kids ages 10-18 over the summer. This year we are going to focus on getting them ready to run a 5K race by the end of the summer. If you are interested in helping develop that program shoot us an email at We will be posting more info and a formal volunteer signup shortly, but could use a few people who are super into this idea now.


GMR Hats On Sale 

Two amazing GMR hat styles are on sale for the amazingly low price of $12.00 each. Click here to purchase!


Janji is an awesome sponsor of GMR.  They give us some money each month that we can use for events etc.  Please support them.  GMR members 15% of at Janji when you use code "goldenmountainrunners" at check out.

Get a 10% discount at Runners Roost Golden on most full price items when you mention Golden Mountain Runners.  GMR gets 15% on the Tuesdays we run at RR.


We recently received a group discount code for Running Warehouse. Use GMR 2014 at checkout and receive a discount on selected items.

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