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Our friend Sarah Carrasco is participating in a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society called Visionary of the Year. Sarah is a blood cancer nurse by background, and has a significant history of blood cancers in her family, so she knows firsthand how devastating these diseases can be. She is doing everything she can to see an end to blood cancers, and you can help too! 

In order to support her cause, we are hosting a Star Wars themed backyard Ultra at the Fox's abode. In order to register we  humbly request that you make a donation ($100 recommended). You can pay here on the website and GMR will pass that along or you can donate directly to Sarah's web page.  Alternatively create a fundraising page as part of Sarah's team and attempt to raise a minimum of $100.00.  If you tag GMR in any social media posts  to raise money we will repost and amplify it.  Your donation will include limited aid station supplies for the race.  


As a participant, you will be entered into a raffle. Raise more money, more chances to win incredible prizes, like race entries into Westline Winder and Sawatch Ascent, Laws Whiskey, or a pair of Running Shoes!

To be entered into a raffle, criteria is as follows:

Donate/Raise $100 = 1 entry

Donate/Raise $200 = 5 entries + Path Projects Hat

Donate/Raise $300 = 10 entries + GMR Hat

Donate/Raise $400 = 20 entries + something sweet

Donate/Raise $500 = 40 entries + something sweeter


Registration for the event will close on 5/2/204 Promptly at 7:00 PM Mountain Time.

To register, click the "Buy Tickets" button at the top of this page. You can either enter a donation amount and make payment here or go directly to Sarah's fundraising page 

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