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Running Routes

alpine tunnel.png

Alpine Tunnel - Williams Pass Loop

Mileage: 8.3

Elevation Gain: 1,330

Report back to us.  If this isn't one of the coolest 8 mile loops you have ever done we will be shocked.  During the run, don't forget to stop in the abandoned train depot and sign the guest book.  Even if all the historical elements on this run don't nab your love, the views sure will.

Cub Creek - Staunton Lollipop

Mileage: 20.04

Elevation Gain: 3,449

This run knocks out some of he best trail segment sn the area.  The Cob Creek/Staunton connector is gaining in popularity, but is still a little under the radar  Go check it out before the crowds show up!


Cub Creek to Staunton.PNG
White Ranch Rawhide.PNG

Ten Mile - Buffalo MT. Lollipop

Open:  1 Hour before sunrise -

1 hour after sunset

Mileage: 26.78

Elevation Gain: 5,557

If you are looking for a hard, beautiful trail marathon loop this one is for you.  There are plenty of other trail heads around Buffalo Mountain if you want to do this and shorten he run to just the loop.  However, the stick of this lollipop is some really spectacular trail!

High Lonesome Loop

Mileage: 15.57

Elevation Gain: 3,319

If your one who wants to avoid the mainstream, maybe leave this one alone.  However, it could be said things get popular for a reason.  The crowds flock to this route because of its relatively accessible high mountain beauty.  A little advice; try to get out on this loop on a weekday.  If you are planning to attack it on a weekend make sure you get a very early start if you want any chance at nabbing a trailhead parking spot

alpine tunnel.png
White Ranch Rawhide.PNG

Pawnee Buchanan Loop

Mileage: 25.31

Elevation Gain: 5,129

This loop has it all.  Rugged, hard climbs.  High elevation.  Spectacular views.   Fields of wildflowers.  And a very highs chance of a moose spotting.  Be prepared to give bring all your effort for this one.  It is a grind, but it is worth it!

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